Which vendor and PC chassis style you choose depends on your performance requirements, work environment, your personal or company preference and budget.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you’re in the market for a new business computer. However, if you understand some key elements, you’ll be able to make an informed buying decision.

Your decision should be based on the 4 main components in every PC – Processor (CPU), Memory (RAM), Storage Drive (HDD/SSD) and Graphics (GPU). Core understands how each of these affect the workflow of any given job role allowing you to narrow your choice of PC considerably.

Once you understand the components your workflow requires you need to consider which PC chassis best suits your working environment.

Should desktop real estate be an issue, PC’s can now be mounted to walls, under desks, on the back of monitors or to mounting arms. A Small Form Factor chassis will allow for legacy or expansion cards to be fitted and can placed vertical or horizontal. Mini Towers are no longer the behemoths of old, many will now fit in most work environments and still provide the greatest room for expansion.

Desktop computers provide the widest range of specification options for any business. They allow for the greatest flexibility of components and peripherals to customize a solution for your specific needs and are easier to upgrade and maintain should anything go wrong.

Core’s experienced staff are here to discuss all your PC requirements and guide you to your perfect desktop.