High-end units for high-end tasks. Core will assist you to get the most from your expensive professional software applications with a bespoke ISV certified fully supported solution.

Workstations are designed to accelerate your performance and improve workflow for the world’s most demanding applications.

The seemingly endless array of options makes it hard to understand the trade-offs in selecting an individual component. This choice becomes even more confusing when you consider how the performance of any single component works in tandem with other components and, ultimately, how they collectively interact with your chosen software application.

Our experts are here to guide you through the configuration process.  Each application has its own specific hardware requirements and there are multiple factors to consider.


Multi-channel or single channel

How CPU’s utilise memory
& cache?

How Drive configuration affects

Which GPU does the application


Core will work with you to ensure the right hardware components are selected to run your choice of modelling, rendering and VR applications ensuring every component interacts smoothly, performance is increased and workflows are optimised.

Working with the world’s leading manufacturers, Core offer the finest products merged with Core’s expertise, professionalism and flexibility.  Being the best, demands the best, so speak with the best today.