Increase productivity & efficiency with the latest hardware to support your BIM, CAD, CAM & CAE applications.

Producing quality models & simulations with reduced time to market is imperative if your business is to gain that competitive advantage.   Your workflows require maximum performance to enable you to achieve spectacular results, where an increase of 20% in modelling or rendering productivity effectively means an extra day in the working week.

Core understands it is no longer the case that your BIM, CAD and CAE applications are best run on a high frequency, low core basis.  Your main applications may primarily rely on processor speed; however, applications are now offering printing, joining walls, loading files & elements, using a point-cloud overlay, opening & changing views, rendering, and ray tracing.   In these circumstances, it is not just the processor’s frequency, but also the core count and how they dovetail with professional GPUs that determine the overall performance of your critical applications, thus speeding up your processing, simulation and rendering.

Choosing the best components does not always mean the best performance.  Speak to our experts and achieve increased productivity while creating stunning simulations and visualisations that respond in real time.